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Flight Training
(253) 219-8122

CUBDRIVING specializes in flight
training. Instruction is provided in a
new yellow Sport Cub, a new design,
built around the original Piper Cub,
but with many improvements. If you
already are pilot certified and looking
for a further challenge and learning
curve, then try out our tailwheel
Sport Cub and earn your tailwheel
endorsement, an add on to your
current license.

And don't worry, if you don't already
have your pilot license, then start
building hours to receive a Sport Pilot License, the recreational version of pilot ratings. Once you get your feet in the air, and master the basics of flight, then join us in a flight into the mountains, flying Southwest bush pilot style! We offer various challenges from canyon landing strips and low level river flying, to high mountain desert and wildlife sightseeing.

Call (253) 219-8122 or e-mail us to schedule your discovery flight.
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