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Flight Training
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Discover Backcountry Canyon flying in America's favorite bush plane, a yellow sport cub. This instructional flight takes you over the Salt River, Saguaro Lake, Canyon Lake, Apache Lake, and Roosevelt Lake through the beautiful and colorful canyons. View amazingly colorful cliff faces through the canyons between each lake and dams. View the Tonto ruins as you receive flight instruction on proper canyon approaches. The return takes you over the 4 Peaks Wilderness area.

Syllabus: Receive and log flight instruction on safe low and slow canyon flying and backcountry safety. Receive instruction on air currents and wind caused by updrafts and downdrafts. Approximately 3 flight hours logged. NOTE: this is not a charter and is for instructional purposes only.)

Prerequisites: Weather dependent meeting early in the morning, this flight takes the majority of the day. Requirements are the desire for a rare adventure! You will have the time of your life cub driving!
(253) 219-8122
Apache Trail Flight Training Safari                                                              
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