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Flight Training
Call (253) 219-8122 or e-mail to schedule your flight instruction
Discover the art of low and slow cubdriving through the desert backcountry skimming the top of the saguaro cactus forest learning to make safe low altitude maneuvers and be aware of how to avoid hazards such as power lines when flying low. Get used to the sensations and thrill of flying near the desert floor with confidence. It’s all about and part of cubdriving experience!

Syllabus: Receive and log flight instruction on low altitude flight maneuvers along with advanced use of flaps. Learn safe low and slow desert floor flying. (Maintaining proper FAA minimum altitude requirements from infrastructure.) Approximately 2 flight hours logged. NOTE: this is not a charter and is for instructional purposes only.)

Prerequisites: Weather dependent meeting early in the morning, this flight takes half a day. Minimum required is the desire for a rare adventure! You will have the time of your life cubdriving!
(253) 219-8122
Cactus Patrol Flight Training Safari                                                              
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